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Dental implants are designed to replace broken, badly damaged teeth where it isn’t possible to save them. An implant is essentially a screw with a dental crown on top, and is positioned in the gap left behind by the original tooth. The screw will then osseointegrate into the jawbone, further enhancing its strength and providing a strong base for the crown placed on top.

Replace broken or missing teeth with dental implants

When you have teeth extracted, it is possible to live with a gap. However, if it is a front tooth, it makes it difficult to maintain quality of life without an implant. A molar or a tooth farther back is less of an issue, but there can still be problems with the surrounding teeth shifting due to the decrease in tension.

Implants can be performed on single teeth, or as multiples. The latter requires the creation of a bridge and will extend across a number of teeth between two implant anchor points. If all your lower or upper teeth are missing or damaged, then entire reconstructions can be created with multiple implants in the upper or lower jawbone. These removable dentures are closer to the traditional concept of “false teeth”, and they are generally removable for efficient cleaning.

Providing services throughout Surry Hills and the Sydney CBD

From our Surry Hills location, we provide the highest standard of care to people throughout the Sydney CBD and inner suburbs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and we are committed to the health and hygiene of our clients. Our team works hard to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, putting patients’ minds at ease and making a trip to the dentist a good experience.

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